What to do, what to do…

Every year, for the holidays your mailbox gets filled with all sorts of lovely well wishes from friends and family in special Christmas cards. We all love to look at all the photos, read all the warm messages, and put them up on display for all to see and enjoy throughout the season. But what to do with them when all the decorations are taken down? I have always just kept them in box and saved them, but never really did anything with them… Until this year. I came across this wonderful and so cute idea on a couple of different sites : Coffee Table books of the cards from each year.


Click each photo and it will take you to the original posting for each.

I can’t wait to start making these, and I think I will pull out that old box of cards and put one together of all the cards that I have from years gone by. I love the ties ribbon on the first book covering the exposed metal rings and making it a little more festive! Great reason to make a quick trip to the craft store for some cute holiday ribbons!

More ideas to come!


Simple is Beautiful.

I have always been a thrift store junky. Finding amazing deals that I can turn into wonderful items for pennies on the dollar of what you would pay at a “regular” store always puts a big smile on my face. And I love the added bonus when someone comments on them and asks where you bought it, replying “Oh, I made that!”

Knowing that I have some time before I can actually start decorating for this Christmas holiday season, I was looking around (code for hours on Pinterest) I found this photo that is now on my list of holiday decorations to re-create.

I love how it is so simple, but so very beautiful at the same time. So on my shopping lists as I stroll through all my local thrift shops and GoodWill stores are: A large frame (artwork doesn’t matter as I will use chalkboard paint on the center), a small collection of candle stick holders, and maybe a few old books or cool plate too.

I have the perfect spot in mind for this, I can’t wait to find all the pieces so I can put it all together soon! One of the best parts of this is that it can be changed from season to season very easily and still keep the main pieces on display.



Christmas Cards…

I’ve been looking and looking at all of the Christmas card ideas that are out there. There are so many beautiful handmade cards that I would love to make, but I’ve been having a hard time to narrow it down. I think what I will end up doing is taking the top two or three designs that I love and have a few different designs this year that I send out.

Each one of the designs that I love is different from the next. They all caught my eye for different reasons, and I have little ideas of “tweaks” that I will do to personalize them to us. So for now, here’s a sneak peak at my Christmas Card Ideas… With the promise of photos on the ones that I make to come here in the relatively near future.

Guest Room Inspiration

Are you having family stay with you this holiday? If you’re anything like me and you see this inspiration room photo, you’ll be calling up family to come stay with you so that you can decorate your guest room like this!

How cute is that room?! I love how the colors are crisp and bright and it’s not the traditional way you would expect to decorate for Christmas. It would be so simple to do, White bed sheets (we all have these), some red throw pillows with a black “belt” added on, red duvet, and green throw blanket. So simple, and perfect!

So, who’s coming over to stay for Christmas?

One ornament that is definitely on my list

I’ve seen a lot of different Christmas ornaments that I really want to make, but this is the one that no matter what I WILL get done. I’m actually going to combine two ideas that I’ve seen into one. It’s a “First House/Apartment” ornament. I’m going use the key impression on the salt dough with the date that we moved into our house and then add on the tag with the address of the house. I’ve found a few different recipes for the salt dough to try out and see which works best. Can’t wait to make this up!

You can find the original how-to guide and photo for these ornaments here and here.

Day Two…

Only 113 pins later… I think I might need sub-catagories for my Christmas 2012 Pinterest board. All the foods to try, the decorations that are oh so beautiful, the gifts that I want to make… How am I ever going to narrow the list down so I can get it all done? I guess the first thing would be to stop adding to it. So, the rest of this week I’ll let myself have the time to search around and keep adding with out any real plan behind the item, but after this week I’m going to put the clause on myself that if I add it – I have to have a plan/timeline of when it will be done and/or who it will be for.

Have I mentioned yet that this is the FIRST holiday season that I will NOT be working in retail? I am SO very excited to be able to ENJOY the season and not feel so rushed through it.

Back to all 113 of my Christmas pins… Which one is my favorite so far you might ask? Well… I would have to say it is a ruffled tree skirt. It’s how to directions are linked here. Done over Decor did a beautiful job with it, Thank you for the inspiration!

I can’t wait to make my own for under my Tree this year. So simple and easy with such a beautiful result.

The Plan.

So here is where it all begins. I was walking the isles of Hobby Lobby with my best friend just a few days ago, and as we turned the corner we walked into a winter wonderland of Christmas decorations. Now mind you it is only the beginning of September, but if I could, with out being called crazy, I would start decorating for Christmas now. I love Christmas. I love the season. I love getting together with friends and family. I love decorating and making gifts. I love it all.

Seeing how we are still about three and a half months away from Christmas though, I must make myself wait a little longer before my decorating bonanza begins. So, to tide myself over I decided to create a Pinterest board with all the ideas that I love for this season and at least I can start planning out what I want to do.

Well, about 25 pins in I’ve also decided that I want to do a handmade Christmas as well. I want to make at least one gift for each person on my list this year. I’ve wanted to do this in the past and have made many gifts for people, but I’ve never fully accomplished my entire list. So, I’m planning early, and this blog will be my timeline, my to-do lists, and my idea zone from now till then. I’ll keep my before and after photos, completed projects and gift photos, and maybe… Just maybe this will be the year that I can get it all done!