Day Two…

Only 113 pins later… I think I might need sub-catagories for my Christmas 2012 Pinterest board. All the foods to try, the decorations that are oh so beautiful, the gifts that I want to make… How am I ever going to narrow the list down so I can get it all done? I guess the first thing would be to stop adding to it. So, the rest of this week I’ll let myself have the time to search around and keep adding with out any real plan behind the item, but after this week I’m going to put the clause on myself that if I add it – I have to have a plan/timeline of when it will be done and/or who it will be for.

Have I mentioned yet that this is the FIRST holiday season that I will NOT be working in retail? I am SO very excited to be able to ENJOY the season and not feel so rushed through it.

Back to all 113 of my Christmas pins… Which one is my favorite so far you might ask? Well… I would have to say it is a ruffled tree skirt. It’s how to directions are linked here. Done over Decor did a beautiful job with it, Thank you for the inspiration!

I can’t wait to make my own for under my Tree this year. So simple and easy with such a beautiful result.


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