The Plan.

So here is where it all begins. I was walking the isles of Hobby Lobby with my best friend just a few days ago, and as we turned the corner we walked into a winter wonderland of Christmas decorations. Now mind you it is only the beginning of September, but if I could, with out being called crazy, I would start decorating for Christmas now. I love Christmas. I love the season. I love getting together with friends and family. I love decorating and making gifts. I love it all.

Seeing how we are still about three and a half months away from Christmas though, I must make myself wait a little longer before my decorating bonanza begins. So, to tide myself over I decided to create a Pinterest board with all the ideas that I love for this season and at least I can start planning out what I want to do.

Well, about 25 pins in I’ve also decided that I want to do a handmade Christmas as well. I want to make at least one gift for each person on my list this year. I’ve wanted to do this in the past and have made many gifts for people, but I’ve never fully accomplished my entire list. So, I’m planning early, and this blog will be my timeline, my to-do lists, and my idea zone from now till then. I’ll keep my before and after photos, completed projects and gift photos, and maybe… Just maybe this will be the year that I can get it all done!


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