Christmas Cards…

I’ve been looking and looking at all of the Christmas card ideas that are out there. There are so many beautiful handmade cards that I would love to make, but I’ve been having a hard time to narrow it down. I think what I will end up doing is taking the top two or three designs that I love and have a few different designs this year that I send out.

Each one of the designs that I love is different from the next. They all caught my eye for different reasons, and I have little ideas of “tweaks” that I will do to personalize them to us. So for now, here’s a sneak peak at my Christmas Card Ideas… With the promise of photos on the ones that I make to come here in the relatively near future.


One thought on “Christmas Cards…

  1. The one with the red striped bow is my favorite! There is great May Arts ribbon that is the same. I think I will make this one too! thanks for the idea!

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