Easy as pie

Back on the topic of Christmas cards received…

I came across this great (and super simple) way to display them. With all the time that is spent in the kitchen during the holidays cooking, baking, and preparing it’s a perfect place to have them displayed. Plus, we all know that no matter how hard you try when you have a get together, everyone Always ends up in the kitchen.

How simple is this: Pick your favorite ribbon, or choose a couple of your favorites that compliment each other, tie them around your cabinet doors and use clothes pins to clip the card on. It looks wonderful and all you need to be able to do is cut a piece of ribbon and tie! This is going on my To-Do list, but I think I’ll add a little twist to the clothes pins… you’ll have to stop back to see what I do.

Click the photo to go to the original blog posting of this idea by Greener Grass.