Time to start the crafting

I cannot believe that we are into November already! The time had just flown by this year. Before we know it it will be Christmas. So with the approval of the wonderful man in my life, I get to start decorating when ever I’d like. And for me,.. that was yesterday! I’m just so very excited for the holidays this year. As I sit in front of my computer looking at all of the pins to my Christmas board another favorite that I am adding to my “To-Do” list (and I hope to make this week – Finished product post and pictures to come) are pillows similar to these from Dear Lillie Blog …


These were hand scripted onto the pillow cover fabric using only a sharpie! So Simple & Stunningly Beautiful!

Now, I do not have the best hand writing in the world so I have been testing out fonts to use as a template for my to that I will make, and I think I have settled on a font called Shipped Goods 1.

Can’t wait to give these a try and see how they come out! Update to come once I have finished them.


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