Tis the Season

It’s been a busy holiday week, lots of food, family, and fun. And Decorating. I believe the quote in this house is that “It looks like a bomb went off, a Christmas Bomb that is.” Just the way I like it! I have said it over and over, but it’s really true, I Love the Christmas season. And here is a sneak peek at our Christmas tree this year!


Christmas Decoration Themes

Everyone’s holiday decorations have some sort of a main theme, some love snowmen, some santas, some peppermints, but for me I have a affinity for Christmas trees. I love them all. The tall and skinny, the short and plump, made with feathers, or made with felt, I fall in love with them all!

It all goes back to when I was little, decorating our Christmas tree was a family tradition. We would pull out the huge box of ornaments that had been collected over many years, each with their own meaning and story behind them. See, our tree was decorated with love and memories, not in any one specific theme or color scheme, and I love that. I still have many of those ornaments that I had as a child and still remember who made which ones and the story behind why they were given.

So, as I work on all these ideas for decoration this holiday season, I keep falling in love with all of these different Christmas trees that I want to add to my holiday decor. Here is one that is so simple to do and is going to be tops on my crafting list: Felt Pine Trees from The Crafted Sparrow.

With just a few easy to find supplies and a little hot glue and time you have beautiful Christmas decorations that can be used for years. These can be made up in any colors that your heart desires to match your holiday decor. Photos to come when I make my own set.