Along with all the fun…

Amongst all the fun of decorating, wrapping, and baking that goes with the season, there is that other job on your to-do list that always must be done… Clean the house before friends and family arrive! While cleaning up today, I ran out of my favorite cheat in between deep cleans for carpet and upholstery, Febreeze. Having a large dog the house can sometime get a little “doggie” smelling and it needs a little touch up that Febreeze does a great job with. So, in my efforts to not have to pay $5 for a bottle of spray, I remembered that I had pinned a recipe for homemade Febreeze!


It was really easy to make, all you need is the following;
1/4 cup liquid fabric softener
2 tablespoons baking soda
Hot water
Empty spray bottle (I used my empty Febreeze bottle but any will work)
Funnel (to make life a little easier)

First dissolve the baking soda in a cup of hot water. Use the funnel to pour water baking soda mixture into your spray bottle. Next pour into your spray bottle the fabric softener. Fill the remaining space of your spray bottle with water. Put the top on, and shake it a little bit, then off you go to freshen up your home!

You can play with the scents of fabric softener that you use, and add a little more or less depending on how strong you want your spray. Enjoy!


Tis the Season

It’s been a busy holiday week, lots of food, family, and fun. And Decorating. I believe the quote in this house is that “It looks like a bomb went off, a Christmas Bomb that is.” Just the way I like it! I have said it over and over, but it’s really true, I Love the Christmas season. And here is a sneak peek at our Christmas tree this year!

My version – Chalkboard Joy

Another new addition this year, inspired by a photo I came across on Pinterest. You can see it in my original idea post here. This is my inspiration;

Here is my version, made from an old frame from Goodwill, some spray paint, Chalkboard paint, and a few accessories from the Dollar Store. Best of all I think this cost under $10 total to make!

Joyeux Noel Pillow – Check!

Another craft completed off my To-Do list! At first I was planning to make two pillows for this project, but I ended up making up just one with the left over canvas that I had from my Ruffled Tree Skirt. Seemed like a great idea to use up a scrap of fabric that I didn’t know what else to use it for, and I’m very happy with the finished result.

Here’s what I used for supplies: Scrap piece of canvas fabric (approximately 1′ by 4′), Joyeux Noel word template (Here), Sharpie markers, Sewing machine, Pillow stuffing.

I started by printing out my template for “Joyeux Noel” and positioning the words at different levels, then taping them to the window so that I could trace them onto my fabric. Then I taped my fabric on top of the template positioned where I wanted the words to be on the front of my pillow fabric.

(I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy at this point!) Then I used my Sharpie Pen to trace the outlines of all the letters. With the sun shining through it was really easy to see all the outlines, even the thin swirls were easy to trace.


After I finished tracing all the letters, I took the fabric off the window and laid it on top of scrap paper to catch any marker bleed through and went to coloring in all the letters and making all the lines darker.

This was after “one coat” of filling in with the Sharpie that I had. I think the Sharpie was a little old, so if you have a newer Sharpie marker you may not need to do extra “coats”. I ended up with 3 coats of marker total.

This was after three “coats” of Sharpie marker. Now onto sewing and then stuffing. Just sew around your edges (wrong sides of fabric together), leaving an opening to turn your fabric. Turn pillow right side out, fill with pillow batting, and then sew the opening shut. (Sorry, I forget to take photos of these steps.)

Then place in your favorite spot and stand back and enjoy! This little project actually didn’t cost me a thing because I had everything already!

No-sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

This might just be my favorite craft that I have made this season! I feel in love with these ruffled tree skirts when I saw them on Pinterest a couple months back, and I new that it was going to be on my list of things to make for this season. Well, I finally decided on the fabric I would use after long debate with myself over it, and I got started on it this weekend. And I must say…. I’m in Love. I followed the directions from My Crazy Life (Here), and it probably took a total of about 5 hours to make from start to finish.

My supplies: 4 yards of fabric, 1 painter’s canvas drop cloth (4’x5′), hot glue gun and lots of extra glue sticks, scissors.

I followed the steps Lauren posted to make my canvas a circle and get it set to be the base for my skirt, then went about cutting my fabric into 3″ strips. I wasn’t sure that I would need all 4 yards of fabric, but I needed every last bit of it because I wanted a really ruffled look to my skirt, so go ahead and cut it all up and save yourself from having to go back and forth cutting more strips. Then I started gluing them on. I put down a line of glue about 3″-4″ long then would pinch ruffle my fabric strip as I stuck it to the glue.

This was two strips in. Just keep gluing and gluing round and round.

5 rounds in and I called it a night, then finished it up this morning.

I’m SO very happy with how this came out! I was a little worried about if the hot glue would hold up well, but I’ve been moving it around and nothing has seemed to start to come loose. Here’s a few more finished photos…

I just love this fabric! I might sneak back and get some more to make up a coordinating throw pillow or two.

And I couldn’t not have a picture of it actually under my tree, so I had to put it up early. 😉

Cereal Box 3D Stars

One of my many pins for Christmas decorations this holiday was this one from Grey Luster Girl for a how to on making 3D cardboard stars. I have always loved seeing all these stars added to wreaths and other holiday decorations, and thought this was a great idea on how to make your very own custom ones at home. The best part, it was so simple and quick!

Here’s my How To on making cardboard 3D stars:


Cardboard (I used an empty cereal box)


Star template (here is a link to one that I printed in different sizes)

Ruler or straight edge

Hot glue gun & extra glue sticks

Paint (I used gold spray paint that I had already)


Print out your star template and trace it onto the cereal box. Trace two stars for every one complete star that you want (front and back). Cut out your stars from the cardboard. Next you are going to need a ruler or straight edge, and either a scoring tool or you can use (carefully) one blade of your scissors to score five straight lines from each point of your star. Do this to every star you have cut out.

Once you have all your lines scorn on the stars you need to bend them as shown in the photos above, Then they are ready to be hot glued. I made up two of each of the smaller sizes, so I made sure to double check which star sides “fit” best together before I started gluing them together. Sometime you need to turn them a couple of times to find which way the points match up best once they have been folded. Then just hot glue all the edges. I found that it was really hard (for me) to get the glue to be completely smooth around all the edges, so as you will see in my photos there are some bumps and lumps on the edges, but in the finished product I like the character that it gives the stars.

Now your stars are ready for decorating! I had some gold spray paint from a past project that I used to spray paint my stars, but you could use most any kind of paint or glue and glitter, what ever your heart desires! Have fun with it and make them personal!

Here’s My finished project! I’ll be making more to add into my Christmas decorations I’m sure!

Christmas Decoration Themes

Everyone’s holiday decorations have some sort of a main theme, some love snowmen, some santas, some peppermints, but for me I have a affinity for Christmas trees. I love them all. The tall and skinny, the short and plump, made with feathers, or made with felt, I fall in love with them all!

It all goes back to when I was little, decorating our Christmas tree was a family tradition. We would pull out the huge box of ornaments that had been collected over many years, each with their own meaning and story behind them. See, our tree was decorated with love and memories, not in any one specific theme or color scheme, and I love that. I still have many of those ornaments that I had as a child and still remember who made which ones and the story behind why they were given.

So, as I work on all these ideas for decoration this holiday season, I keep falling in love with all of these different Christmas trees that I want to add to my holiday decor. Here is one that is so simple to do and is going to be tops on my crafting list: Felt Pine Trees from The Crafted Sparrow.

With just a few easy to find supplies and a little hot glue and time you have beautiful Christmas decorations that can be used for years. These can be made up in any colors that your heart desires to match your holiday decor. Photos to come when I make my own set.

Time to start the crafting

I cannot believe that we are into November already! The time had just flown by this year. Before we know it it will be Christmas. So with the approval of the wonderful man in my life, I get to start decorating when ever I’d like. And for me,.. that was yesterday! I’m just so very excited for the holidays this year. As I sit in front of my computer looking at all of the pins to my Christmas board another favorite that I am adding to my “To-Do” list (and I hope to make this week – Finished product post and pictures to come) are pillows similar to these from Dear Lillie Blog …


These were hand scripted onto the pillow cover fabric using only a sharpie! So Simple & Stunningly Beautiful!

Now, I do not have the best hand writing in the world so I have been testing out fonts to use as a template for my to that I will make, and I think I have settled on a font called Shipped Goods 1.

Can’t wait to give these a try and see how they come out! Update to come once I have finished them.

Easy as pie

Back on the topic of Christmas cards received…

I came across this great (and super simple) way to display them. With all the time that is spent in the kitchen during the holidays cooking, baking, and preparing it’s a perfect place to have them displayed. Plus, we all know that no matter how hard you try when you have a get together, everyone Always ends up in the kitchen.

How simple is this: Pick your favorite ribbon, or choose a couple of your favorites that compliment each other, tie them around your cabinet doors and use clothes pins to clip the card on. It looks wonderful and all you need to be able to do is cut a piece of ribbon and tie! This is going on my To-Do list, but I think I’ll add a little twist to the clothes pins… you’ll have to stop back to see what I do.

Click the photo to go to the original blog posting of this idea by Greener Grass.

What to do, what to do…

Every year, for the holidays your mailbox gets filled with all sorts of lovely well wishes from friends and family in special Christmas cards. We all love to look at all the photos, read all the warm messages, and put them up on display for all to see and enjoy throughout the season. But what to do with them when all the decorations are taken down? I have always just kept them in box and saved them, but never really did anything with them… Until this year. I came across this wonderful and so cute idea on a couple of different sites : Coffee Table books of the cards from each year.


Click each photo and it will take you to the original posting for each.

I can’t wait to start making these, and I think I will pull out that old box of cards and put one together of all the cards that I have from years gone by. I love the ties ribbon on the first book covering the exposed metal rings and making it a little more festive! Great reason to make a quick trip to the craft store for some cute holiday ribbons!

More ideas to come!